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I have been training with Lorna for the last 18 months. Lorna is a great trainer. Her classes are always enjoyable, always thinking of new ways to challenge and make the classes varied. I recently started pt with Lorna, she is always pushing me to my limits. I would recommend Lorna to all fitness levels. Don’t use injuries as an excuse either because Lorna can adapt any exercise so you can always take part in the class. My kids have attended her kids camp in the summer, they love it and even have their own “Lorna classes” in the back garden!!! Lorna is a great motivator and will keep you on your toes.

“I first started training with Lorna in July 2019. I went to her because I was at a place in my life where I was so unhappy with who I was, a mum of two young children absolutely exhausted and very very unfit. Lorna taught me to love fitness and gave me the motivation and encouragement I needed to look after myself better.
After only a few short months working with Lorna, people began to tell me not how well I looked, but how energetic I was and that was what I wanted to gain most. It was not to be 4 sizes smaller but to have the energy I needed to play and look after my kids. I gained confidence in myself and really began to enjoy working out. I found it to be a way of escaping from the hectic ways of life, a time for just me!! I began to sleep better, eat better and above all feel better within myself.
I now train at least three times a week and instead of dreading it like I used to, I now live for it.... crave it even.
Lorna has the most energetic and enthusiastic personality, it’s just infectious! She is always at the end of the phone if I have a question or query and always knows when I need a boost of encouragement to keep on going. I couldn’t recommend her enough as a Personal Trainer because I truly believe that if I hadn’t met her I wouldn’t be the strong and healthy person I am today. Thank you Lorna you are one in a million ”

After living in Dunshaughlin for 4 years it was starting to creep in on me that I had no network, no friends and didn't know anyone around the village. I litterly just slept in Dunshaughlin while the rest of my life still very much revolved around the area I moved out of. I was still training in my old gym just about with a busy lifestyle I was finding that I was just too tired to train and getting even more frustrated and isolated.

So I looked into the local gyms in the area, and walked through the doors of Lorna Flood's gym and can say I haven't looked back. It can be very daunting to go into a gym when people are familiar with each other and you are the outsider, but it wasn't very long before this outsider got chatting to people and started to recognise people around the village.

I've got an old shoulder injury and for my first few sessions Lorna just watched me and then approached me and said " that shoulder gives you a bit of trouble", she then gave me certain exercises and helped to build it up that I was to do at home and alternative exercises for the class all without making me feel like I was the "ONE" doing something different to everyone else.

After doing classes for a while, I also took on personal training sessions with Lorna, the shoulder that would restrict me from certain exercises was getting stronger and rarely bothers me now. We are working on my mind set now and trying to shift my focus from the number on the sad step (scales) to measurements and even though I am heavier (or as I'm told toned) jeans that fit me at a lighter weight fit me.

Fast forward a year later and I'm now 5 years living in Dunshaughlin, I've a buddy from the gym I go walking with, I've people in the area I socialise with. The classes are great fun. After chatting with some of my new pals we realized we were all in the same boat that other than our other halves we didn't know anyone to go for a walk with or grab a coffee and a chat with. It is so easy to get caught up in daily life that you forget how good it is to allow yourself an hour a day and take a class in at the gym, where you at get not only getting exercise, there is a bit of craic and have a chat and even if you've missed a few sessions someone will have noticed that you weren't there. Or you will get the LORNA text making sure your ok that your pressence has been missed.

Ive been going to LF fitness for the last 2 plus years, however now more then ever i have to give a big thank you to Lorna who over the last 8 months has been amazing. No gyms allowed open no problem she switched classes online and kept me engaged , motivated and most of all sane . It had to have been tough closing but not once did she falter and zoom classes have become ,for now, the new norm. She gives it her all and theres no where to hide . Id highly recommend giving it a go

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I’ve trained with Lorna for a number of years, her motivation and inspiration has kept me coming back to her classes. I love the variety of exercises and extensive timetable (no excuse to miss a session) with strength and conditioning a firm favorite

.I’ve always felt comfortable and welcomed in Lorna’s and even on those days you’d rather be anywhere then training she has a way of getting the best out of you

.Lorna’s determination to provide online classes and  personal training even lending out her equipment during two lockdowns is proof of her commitment to her clients!I really appreciated the routine and distraction her online classes provided during this uncertain time!